Tuesday, July 21, 2009


OK, We need a little help. We were sitting outside this morning on the back patio, eating breakfast, when we looked up and saw a beautiful hawk perched on the railing behind the pool. I quickly got binoculars, bird books in hand and the trusty D300 w/70-200mm lens and snapped away. There it is on top.

Here's another shot of this unknown (to me) hawk.
Now, you have to understand that although we had our bird book open to the hawk section, we were stumped. Not hard to stump me. I could have a bird in one hand and a picture of it in the other hand and still fail to recognize it. I've got to get some remedial bird recognition training here.

OK, last look for all of you birders out there.
What type of hawk is this?
Is it a Coopers Hawk?
If not, I'm done.

Just drop a comment and we'd be much obliged.

We've positively identified this hawk as a juvenile Coopers Hawk.
Thanks to all who helped.
Case closed!