Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Which rendering of this photo looks best to your eye?
I edited (tweaked) one photo in three different programs.
iPhoto, Aperture and Nikon NX (that's not the order that they're in.)
I also included the original untouched photo.
Each program can do certain things. I was just curious what different eyes would see. Use your left cursor button to blow each picture up before you decide. Try not to peak below the photos to see which photo belongs to which program. So, which picture looks like "THE ONE" to you?

This is the order of the photos and the editing program, as they appear above.

#1 = Aperture
#2 = Nikon NX
#3 = Original untouched photo
#4 = iPhoto

What did this prove?

Just that most photos could use a little tweaking and that no one editing program does everything.

I found that Aperture does the best job of globally adjusting the highlights and shadows. As Monica pointed out, it did a great job on the clouds in the sky. But, it also adjusted the highlights in the entire picture.

Nikon NX does the best on particular trouble spots, like the flag pole with the eagle on top. It's also almost addictive to use, especially its "u point"(?) technology. Just lay a dot on a particular thing or color with your mouse, adjust the size of the circle and make changes that only affect that color or shade within your circle. Pretty cool.

iPhoto is the most convenient edit program to use, especially if that's how you've imported your photos into the computer. It's results are very good. But when you use the other programs, you realize you could have gone further.

Well, that was fun! Now to figure a way to take the photo directly from iPhoto into either of the other edit programs. So far, I've had to export the photo onto my desktop and then open the photo from there with the other edit program. Aperture gives you an option to choose another program as an external editor, making the process easier.




Brett said...

I liked the first two - especially the warmth of the second; can you burn with these programs? I'd burn in the steeple, along with the top of the cloud line.

Where is this? SLC? It's very Fall.

Leigh said...

Good observations Brett.
I liked the 2nd one best. I think that with Nikon NX you can bring some detail out in the steeple. How much depends on how badly the highlights were blown (and they were blown, especially there.) Once a highlight is badly blown, there's no detail left to bring out.

Yes, it is SLC. Inside the Temple area. I don't know what building that is, however.

James Boehme said...

If you compare two and four, even throw I like two better from color ect, picture four when enlarged, seems to be sharper with iphoto