Sunday, July 20, 2008

Monsooooooon Lightning

A quick post to commemorate the beginning of the Monsoon season in Southern Arizona.
Prior to this year, the Monsoon season began on the third consecutive day that the dew point (a different way to measure humidity, or how much moisture the air is holding) was 54 degrees or higher. The average start has been July 4. But this year, the National Weather Service decided that was too complicated and decided that the Monsoon season would officially start on June 15, no matter what the weather actually was.
I dunno. I kind of liked the season starting when mother nature says so. HOWEVER, a look at these two photos makes it abundantly clear that the Monsoon is here and now.
These shots were taken Saturday night from our back patio. I stayed out until the lightning appeared to be getting a little too close. They say that if you can either hear or see it, head for cover.
It also amazes me that people still insist on driving into road dips and even running washes. It only takes 6" of running water to lift a car off of the road and into a wash. Saturday night's Monsoon storms resulted in two water rescue attempts. Unfortunately, one person still hasn't been found and the search has been suspended. Probably the first Monsoon fatality of the season.
It's an amazing part of America, so very different from the North East. We've still got so much to learn, thank goodness!


Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

The double forks of lightning pix is great. Last year, after reading Barbara Kingsolver's comments on how the desert environment has been impacted by development and that spectacular lightning storms were diminishing, I was sad. But this monsoon season seems to be a strong one, so perhaps mother nature is giving us another chance.

Jennifer said...

I maybe the only one to like the new start's my birthday! I am happy to share the start of my favorite season in Tucson!

Leigh said...

OK, but only because it's your birthday!

James Boehme said...

Do you still Blog? We haven't seen any new ones for a long time.

Leigh said...

Well, yes I do still blog.
Take a look.

stevesurf said...

I am in a recursive mode today :)

THe twin lightning image was one of your best, Leigh! Put it in your "best of" gallery