Saturday, December 22, 2007

10.6.2007...Cubs vs. Diamondbacks

We went to the Diamondback's playoff opener vs. the Cubs this week. The real shocker, in my mind, was that we were able to buy tickets for the game just a day or two ahead. Well, as Doug (of Doug and Marlene who we drove up to Phoenix with us) reminded me, this ain't NY with eight million people to draw from. Point well taken Doug.

So here comes Louuuuuuuuuuuuuu Pinela, the Cubs manager. Lou has put on a little weight since his playing days in NY (and just who hasn't?) and I can assure you he was holding his tummy in for all he was worth, this being National TV and all. Notice the Cub fans behind the dugout. I'd estimate that 35-40% of the crowd were Cub fans. This picture could be a collectors item since this might be the last time those fans have anything to cheer about (you Mets and Yankee fans can commiserate right about now.).

Ahhhh, Soriano and Lou as best of friends. Knowing the way Lou carries his feelings (him being somewhat of a follower of Billy Martin), Soriano better have a pretty spectacular game today to get that kind of reception from Lou again.

After the Diamondbacks were introduced, the House was ROCKING!!!! And the roof was open. Pretty interesting to watch it go open too. Faster than you think. It caught me flat footed as I had the wrong lens on the camera and by the time I stopped watching it long enough to think of taking a picture, it was open. BTW, the National Anthem was performed by a professor with a trumpet. He was outstanding. That's him on the jumbo-tron on the right of the score board.

A young fan comes prepared, but despite his best efforts, he never got on TV. That's Doug to the right.

Finally, lets play ball. It was a very well played game featuring excellent pitching on both sides and very good defense. either team could have won, but it looks like the Cubs might have to wait 100 years for a World Series win. The Goat lives (if you're a Cubby fan, you'll know what that means.).

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