Thursday, December 20, 2007

6.30.2007...Night Bloom

This time last year, Monica and I were raving about this obscure desert cactus that blooms exactly once a year. Big deal you say, only this cactus blooms at night. By the next morning it's not fit for a brownie to see (Kodak, that is.). So we set out and bought one plant of our own and planted it leaning up against one of our Palo Verde trees. To our amazement, the thin little desert stick produced two flowers, which popped over one evening. The above shot was to show you its size relative to the tree that it's leaning against. Monica lit it up with a couple of flash lights.

Ahhh, the short lived glory of it all. Really striking flowers. That's not all, the fragrance is almost overwhelming. Ultra sweet to attract the giant sphinx moth that pretty much by itself, among all of the flying desert insects, pollenates this bloom.

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