Thursday, December 20, 2007

5.28.2007...Sandy the Sidewinder

Hello all. We went to a ballgame again. I do love baseball, and I'm fortunate that Monica indulges my passions (although she had a very good time.) This time we went to the Tucson Sidewinder's game (the Diamondback's AAA affiliate-they won the minor league world series
last year, you could look it up) on the spur of the moment last Friday. Great game (Sidewinders won in the 10th inning), terrific foot long hot dogs and a beautiful fire works show after the game.

This is Sandy, the Sidewinder's rattle snake mascot. A very entertaining persona. The fans really liked him.

Near the beginning of the game. A beautiful evening. Perfect for baseball. All the home games are in the evening, the sun is just too strong in the day (more for the fans, I'm sure.)

That's it. You're toast. Sidd-down!

A little later in the evening. Our seats were the first row behind the dugout. Not bad for $9.

I probably couldn't define joy in words, but I can show you.

Very obliging model.

Talk about a batter screwing himself up...this guy actually struck out three times.

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