Saturday, December 22, 2007

8.29.2007...Mid Week Color

OK, the week is half over and it's time to start thinking about the long labor day weekend. Spend some time outdoors and appreciate the soon to be fading colors of summer. And if you like the heat, come visit here.....that's not fading too quickly!

Hey, either the humming birds in my back yard are getting slower, or I'm getting faster. Caught this guy at one or our backyard hummer feeding stations. It looks like he's taking careful aim for a landing.

A small flower amidst a sea of rocks out in the back.

This hummer had to be disappointed in what he found in the dish. It's an oriole feeder, with nothing in it. The orioles have long since gone......and they never went to this feeder anyway. I'm keeping it out till next spring (talk about long range planning----and no comments about having nothing better to do.).

We thought a colorful butterfly (we think a Monarch) might lighten up your mid week. We saw this guy in a place called Arivaca (a very small town near the mexican border) while eating lunch outside, last Friday. The Monarchs are making their annual migration and some of them are gigantic (and easy to confuse for a small bird), albeit not this one. Still, he's good looking enough.

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