Saturday, December 22, 2007

10.8.2007...the Thinning Blood in the Hot Weather

Hi Jerry and Ben. Hope you're weekends were good (and hope that you can take off for Columbus Day.). As I mentioned, Monica and I went to a Tohono Odham Native American scholarship dinner on Saturday nite.

Guess who's in the lower left corner of the shot. I know, that's not a difficult question. The really funny thing about the evening was our reaction to the weather. The event was outdoors and adjacent to an historical mission, just outside of Tucson. The temperature fell to the mid 60s and we acted as though it was in the mid 30s. We were really chilled by the end of the evening. Holy cow! There must be truth to the old adage about thinning blood in the hot weather. Anyway, we had a good laugh over this.

Monica loves to dance and as I never take her dancing, she jumped at the opportunity when one of the other guests invited her onto the dance floor. The only problem was, Monica had no idea what the dance step was and her partner didn't lead her. Well, judging from the picture blur, it sure didn't stop her from having a good time. Maybe I could have kept the camera a little steadier?

Taken just a little after sunset from the inside of the plaza. ISO is 800 and the D70 proudly shows off its grain. I would hope the D300 would have less grain than this. I know the D200 sure has less. But sometimes grain is good (he says with a smile.)

Anyway, that's how we spent our Saturday nite. We had a very nice time and it was for a worthy cause.

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Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

you promised me we would go dancing again.