Sunday, December 16, 2007

3.17.2007...Went to a ballgame and an air show broke out

Went to a ball game today (Colorado Rockies vs SanFran Giants). If this game is any indication, Rockies play solid fundamental ball, SanFran doesn't have their head in the game. But what can you tell from one game. Rockies 10, SanFran 2.

The roar of the crowd (largest crowd this spring for the Rockies).

Most ardent baseball fan is on left. Friends are on right (can you pick them out of the crowd?)

The beer guy. Yes, that's a beer bottle to the right of his cap. No, he's not balancing it up there. It's glued to his hat. Nice fellow, he came over a couple of times to spritz us with water. Who needs beer?

Suddenly, an air show happened over the stadium. The first plane, a stealth F117, came in so low it startled everyone. Then the crowd got up and cheered. Baseball game? What game! Very patriotic folks out here. These are the Blue Angels. The air show is really at the air force base close by (we are planning on going tomorrow) so the planes used nearby air space to line up on the base.

Too many to shoot. Besides, I just didn't have the correct lenses with me. The only lens I had with me was the 18-70mm. Good lens, but not meant to shoot from these distances.

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