Thursday, December 20, 2007

4.16.2007...The Gift

To Jim, Steve, Monica and Brett, thank you from a most grateful and surprised me! The lens is wonderful and I know that each of you went way out of your way to make this happen. Perhaps the best way to show my thanks is to send you some of the first photos taken with the "gift". The lens hasn't left the camera yet.

Monica, Brett and Ilana on top of Mount Lemon. It was quite cool and windy up there, but the pie and views and time spent with the folks in the car were fantastic.

Taken at Tohono Chul Park. This portion of the picture has been cropped from a much larger image. Still very sharp.

Monica, taken in Lara Ratterman's backyard. You remember Lara? She lived with us for a number of years and now has a very young son of her own with another child on the way. Shot at f2.8 @ 1/3 of a second just after dusk. VR works well.

Brett, shot at Tohono Chul Park. Notice the hairs standing up on Brett's right arm? Very sharp lens.

Brett took this shot, again at Tohono Chul. Cropped from a much larger image. Nice shot Brett! Love that creamy background (it's a brick wall).

Taken this evening from our back porch. Brett and Ilana, this is the sunset that you didn't see.

A shot of "Izzy", a friend of Monica's and an incredibly talented Spanish Flamingo artist on the guitar. This was shot during dinner at a downtown Spanish restaurant. The music and food were great. Shot at f3.5 and 1/10 of a second. Have I mentioned that the VR works well?

It will be Brett's birthday Tuesday, so a surprise birthday cake Sunday night. Shot at f2.8 and 1/15 of a second @800 ISO. I think Steve's camera would have handled the grain a whole lot better than this, but it was high ISO or no shot. Happy birthday Brett. We love you!

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