Thursday, December 20, 2007

5.28.2007...Took a ride near Mexico

We took a ride on Saturday down to a little town called Arivaca, very close to the Mexican border.

We've never tried this steak house, but maybe someday.

This is in the tiny town of Arivaca. I've included this shot to show you the mountain peak off to the left of the road, way out in the distance (center right of picture). This is the most sacred mountain of the Hohokam indians (they have a huge reservation there.) This mountain faces Kitt Peak National Observatory. It's amazing how these sky islands (that's how people from around here describe the various mountains) become land marks, even to city slickers like us!

This ain't no tourist town, but still they've left the original gas pump in place. ATVs numbered about 1 in 4 compared with regular cars and SUVs.

Even in remote areas like this, there's competition. This steak house is right across the street from the Long Horn Grill (first picture.) Must be something about visualizing what you're about to eat. We'll have to try both places and report back.

Really beautiful scenery. Only about an hour away, but truly a step back in time. Can't you just see John Houston(?) directing his next movie through those mountains?

No trip would be worth its weight in gas if you didn't stop somewhere for food. In this case, it's a little roadside cafe just outside of Arivaca (does that make this the suburbs?) The home made three berry pie we shared was really good. And so was the breeze and shade that helped cool off a couple of dusty travelers. And the conversation with strangers was nice. We met a fellow on his Harley who hales from Long Island. Go figure!

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