Thursday, December 20, 2007

5.20.2007...Celestial Tucson

Hi all. Another quick couple of pictures. These were from last night.

Beautiful sunset from the back patio. Monica was working a fund raiser for her work place and since the Mets had already blasted the Yanks earlier in the day, I sat outside to watch the sunset. I wasn't disappointed!

Then, a short time later, this became visible in the western sky. That's an almost new moon with Venus just below it (that blob of light). Not bad detail for a hand held shot. Later on, the moon took on that harvest moon orange just before it hit the horizon. I wasn't home then, otherwise I'd be able to show you a picture.

OK, I've got the heavens covered on the western front (I'll give you plenty of warning if I spot asteroids, comets, etc., coming your way.) You folks on the east coast will have to keep an eye out for errant heavenly bodies coming our way. That's it from celestial Tucson.

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