Saturday, December 22, 2007


Hi all. Just a few quick photos to show our day trip to Patagonia (about a 90 minute drive SE of Tucson) over the weekend.

Here's Monica in one of her favorite places, the "Day of the Dead" museum in Patagonia. It's not what you might think at all. Day of the dead is a joyful celebration to commemorate those who have passed before us. Sometimes quite elaborate (grave site visits by entire family to picnic and party (maybe a bad choice of word) on the deceased's birthday, etc.,) or maybe the striking artwork in the above picture to lighten up the occasion.

Now in this picture, taken by Monica, I'm lookin pretty good there on the left.

Couldn't resist the shot of the old retired fire truck in Patagonia.

No, this isn't an old BMW. It's another retired fire truck.

And finally, a picture worth a thousand words. Doesn't she look pretty? Monica I mean.

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