Saturday, December 22, 2007

9.7.2007...There's something about hats and rodeo riders

Monica and I traveled about 60 miles SW of Tucson to Sonoita AZ on Labor Day, for a really delightful day at an old fashioned event. Even had a good steak lunch and then walked over
to the fair grounds.

The original Buffalo gal says, "Lets go to the Rodeo."

Looks like everyone is dressed western style.

Let the Rodeo begin, a uniquely American experience (and boy does the patriotism flow!)

Where sometimes the horse wins................

And sometimes the rider wins (this guy was good. He staid on for the required time.)

This guy had it all figured out, except maybe the horse and him weren't quite on the same wave length.

Say, where'd my hat go?

Oh yeah, there it is. Think I'll pick it up now.

OK, I'm now looking for my jeans and ten gallon hat for next year's rodeo. Speaking of hats, we found that if you studied the cowboy's hat closely, you could almost predict what was going to happen next. Take a look...

Notice how this cowboy pushed his hat on so hard, he looks like the headless horseman. Apparently, he knew that his fate was tied to that hat.

Hats gone. He's looking mighty worried.

Cowboy's gone. All cause that dern hat came unglued (that's his story and he's sticking to it.)

All right, look at this headgear. You know where this is going, don't you?

He knows his track record and he's no fool. He's prepared!

No one in the background looks surprised at this landing either. Kinda like he's used his head like this before. Maybe more than a few times. Gotta love his spunk though.

Well, that's it for this years rodeo. It was so much fun (well at least for us it was) I think we'd like to go back next year. If anyone wants to come on over here to join us, you're welcome. Glad for the company.

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