Saturday, December 22, 2007

9.23.2007...Saturday Night

Hi all. Monica and I thought you would be interested in what we did this past Saturday night. Well....................

Straight from handsome downtown Tucson

We bring you - Salvador Duran (Monica really wanted to see him and I'm fine with that. Doesn't take much to get me excited to go down town for a good Italian meal at Cafe Milano. And the bonus was Salvador. He was excellent! Of course you've no idea who Salvador is. (He's a singer/guitarist who performs classical Spanish Flamingo pieces.)

The venue was the plaza in front of the main library. And did I mention that it was free?

The evening was breezy and beautiful. Couldn't have asked for nicer weather and a good sized crowd turned out.

Salvador even included a Gypsy dancer in his performance. I know it sounds odd, but it worked very well.

Here's a longer shot of the plaza, with the library in the background. The entire show started at 6PM and went on to 10PM? (we're not sure cause we left to go eat when Salvador finished, around 7PM.).

BTW, dinner was terrific. We sat outside and watched Congress Street march by and then we marched east on Congress to the Congress Hotel, stopping in at the Dinnerware Gallery to admire the art. Finally we found our way to Fourth Avenue and stopped in at the Book Stop. While there, they gave me a book for free (pretty amazing eh?). I'll have to read it to see if it was a bargain or not.

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