Sunday, December 16, 2007

1.23.2007...Let's give global warming a rest (at least for a couple days)

Yep, I think it's snowed more in the Sonoran desert around Tucson than it has in the North East. So, here's some more snow shots to make you feel better.

The Catalina Foothill, taken from about .5 miles from our house.

This is our front yard.

This one was taken from our roof, looking south at the Tucson Mountains. That's fog lying between us and the mountains.

My trusty rain gauge, frozen solid. Pretty decent amount of precip for these parts.

A snow and ice encrusted cactus in front of our house.

The top of a barrel cactus. The yellow matter is the fruit.

Taken about a quarter mile from the house (our house would be just over the low hill). Note the bird on top of the saguaro (very typical).

What the heck, I had to throw a Bisbee shot in. He's looking outside from our bedroom (I guess that must be his bed) thinking this is just like old times in NY.

It snowed 12 to 24" on top of Mount Lemon (that's nearly the high point of the Catalina mountains, behind the Catalina foot hills that you're seeing in this shot).

For those of you who have visited Bisbee AZ, it snowed 9" there. Tombstone got 6". Tucson received just one half inch, but get this.....Two entire Tucson school districts called off school (are you listening Ann?). We couldn't believe it either. That tells you how rare measurable snow is in these parts. OK, all the snow you see in these shots has melted. The temps are reaching the low 60s. Global warming has had a long enough rest.

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