Sunday, December 16, 2007


The Carriage Corner. What a mess! It's a deli now. Streets and sidewalks are very dirty. The store looks tiny compared to what is in my memory.

This is the side door. You can see how filthy it is. But a very nice cat (to chase the rats? Perhaps I'm over reacting. Someone slap me.)

The Jolly Bull Pub would have been under that yellow sign. Not much left of the old stores, other than Lords Bakery and Flatbush Fed S&L (which looks very good.)

This was Inskip Foreign Motors, just south of Carriage Corner on Nostrand Ave. I used to dream of owning one of those MGs or Austin Healeys (ended up w/VW conv. Probably much better off.)

Home sweet home at 1523 E. 36 St. Mrs. Rosen's house to the right. What a wide street! This neighborhood looks clean, but houses look small.

1429 East 49 Street house. This is really the nicest looking block of all the old haunts that I visited. Looks very much the same. The gas station behind the house is gone. Just an empty shell of an old Shell station.

PS 222. Also looks the same.

Oh, did I mention that it snowed while we were in town? This was from our hotel room.

Again from the hotel room, with the reflection of the room in the window.

We have a Nat Cooper sighting!!!!! Could he still be alive? It must be a child of his.

Frank's Pants shop (now a military recruiting station) and pizza joint are long gone. Do you remember Max's Mens Clothing on Flatbush and Flatlands? It's still there (again, must be a child). Buddy's is long gone. It's now a Burger King and something else. Ave. S looks good, but I couldn't remember exactly which house it was, so no picture.

We were in town only for the weekend so that Monica could attend a reunion of her former college school newspaper editor and reporter cronies in Brooklyn. She had a great time and we both very much enjoyed visiting all the family. Just remind me not to travel to NY from January to mid March. Very dicey travel weather. Sorry for the catch and grab type pictures, but I only had so much time and lots of places to visit before I needed to go back and pick up Monica.

You know, we should all plan on visiting NY at the same time and renting a vehicle large enough for all of us and spend a day touring our old memories, both for us older ones and especially the young ones. I think it would be wonderful to share all of our memories together. And of course to take in some fabulous meal in Brooklyn (I'd vote Italian.)

Any takers?

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