Thursday, December 20, 2007

5.8.2007...More Baseball!

Hi All. Went to Chase Field in Phoenix on Sunday to see the Mets play the DiamondBacks. A really beautiful stadium (good seats too), but we wondered what it would take to have the roof open? It was 78 degrees at game time and they still didn't open it. Honestly, I only really noticed it at the beginning of the game. After the first inning, it just became a non issue. Real grass as well. A very entertaining place (just like Shea Stadium, but for different reasons.) BTW, loads of people from Brooklyn at the game. We were surrounded by them.

Hey, look, in the center of the dugout. There's Willy, smiling right at me! Or so I thought, until I enlarged the picture. Oh well, there's Willy smiling almost at me.

For all you "veteran" Mets fans (you know who you are Diane), that guy in the blue shirt is Ron Darling doing color analysis for the Mets network.

And this one's for you Brett. Here's HoJo! Now the Mets first base coach. Brett, do you remember his old uniform number. I don't think it was 52.

Shawn green has a beautiful swing and having great results so far (we won't go into the error last night that allowed 4 unearned runs.) Oh nuts, I said I wouldn't mention that.

Awwww, what's this?!!!! A Pool???!! A Pool???? There ain't no pools in Baseball!

There goes Jose!

He's safe by a country mile, as some old time announcer would probably say. The ball is just entering the frame, far right.

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